Thermal Binocular

The Multifunctional Thermal Imaging Binocular is used for day and night reconnaissance and target location.

QTF-650 Field Control and Bird-driving Dual-Spectrum Thermal Imager

Dual-spectrum thermal imager, equipped with ultra-low light visible light detector, infrared high-definition detector (resolution: 640X512), rollover display (resolution: 800X600) and an external 532nm laser.With soft killing equipment with site control in smoke, fog, rain, snow and other harsh climate, quickly detect birds and other invasion targets and implement countermeasures.It has dual spectrum fusion and target highlight function, on the basis of meet the long distance target detection, fusion target details, improve target identification, at the same time, WIFI, GPS function, can record and restore the scene, can be applied to airport temporary monitor bird, Marine breeding birds, and forestry security scenarios.​

Application in airports:


In order to protect the aviation safety, maintain passenger property and life safety, the airport has taken a variety of bird measures, including laser bird efficiency, portable bird double thermal imager single can cover airport large area and grassland equipment, through thermal imaging observation near the airport runway, bird double thermal imager can emit green laser beam can 3000 meters of runway and grass, this method has played a certain effect.In recent years, the ICAO recommended in the Airport Service Manual, which is a revolution in the world's civil airport and aviation field. It is proved that this thermal imaging laser bird drive can reduce the harm of birds in the military and civilian aviation industry by 42%.

When the airport enters a night or foggy environment, the shadows of all grassland or other equipment around the runway will become a hiding place for birds. Ordinary telescopes and dim night vision equipment cannot find whether birds nearby affect navigation safety at night or in a foggy environment.The bird dual spectrum thermal imager uses infrared thermal imaging and visible light dual spectrum plus a special 532nm laser to perfectly solve this problem, infrared thermal imaging can find in the bad weather, whether there are birds around the scene, the most possible to avoid blind spots.Birds were displaced with suspicious areas using 532nm laser scanning.


The thermal imager uses a safety laser, and the laser beam emitted by the dual thermal imager laser is a secondary laser, which meets the national IEC 60825-1 Editional1.2 standard and is 100% harmless to human eyes.Laser beam low-angle sweep runway, not visible outside the 15-degree taper, drive birddual-spectrum thermal imager is equipped with a horizontal lock, laser scanning height is lower than the pilot cockpit, does not affect the pilot's vision.Laser beam can direct human skin without causing damage to the skin.Bird repellent personnel should avoid the eye looking directly at the laser beam, but not causing damage to the eye.



1. With multiple image modes, each image mode has a variety of color choices;

2. With the brightness, contrast manual or automatic adjustment function;

3. Have the image fusion mode, including the in-painting fusion mode;

4. With a rollover display screen, which can adjust the Angle at will to prevent fatigue.

5. With dual detectors to facilitate laser calibration;

6. Built-in GPS, WIFI function;

7. With the function of photography and video recording;

8. With 1x, 2x, 3x and 4x times electronic amplification functions;

9. With the electronic compass, you can stack the orientation information of the electronic compass output on the display screen;

10. Have 532nm laser dazzling device and horizontal lock to prevent accidental injury;

11. Visible light image resolution: 1280768;

12. Field of video Angle of visible light video image 11°X 8.6°;

13. Infrared thermal imaging video image resolution640X512;

14, Infrared thermal imaging video image field of view Angle 12.8°X 9.7°;

The upper handle design, convenient to carry.





Microlight detector type

Low-illumination CMOS detector




6μm ×6μm

Work band




Multiplying power


Field of viewAngle


Infrared detector type

Uncooled coke plane of vanadium oxide

Resolution ratio





<45mk @f/1.0

Focal length

A 50mm f / 1.0 electric lens

Field of view  



With a horizontal lock, with a wavelength of 532nm

laser power



HD-adjustable Angle display

Image color

14 Species

Image mode

Seven kinds of


Built-in SD card

Take a picture


Video recording



Built-in rechargeable lithium battery


  8 hours

Working temperature

-40℃ to + 60℃


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